Tramonto Salento
Roccie salento

Welcome to Salento, the eastern most point in Italy, at the bottom of the heel of the splendid “boot”. In 1957 the journalist Guido Piovene wrote: "Salento is a land of mirages, windy; it’s fantastic, full of sweetness; it remains in my memory more as an imaginary trip than a real one".

The sun, the sea, the wind, but also the warmth of the people, the smells, the tastes, the Otranto, who appears suddenly, embraced by a small bay and hidden by kilometers of pine forest and mediterranean vegetation. Otranto is seeped in history and light, a port on the Mediterranean that was always a crossroads of peoples and civilizations; with Greece only 45 miles across the water.

This geographically privileged position made Otranto and its port the intersection of all roads over the centuries: the last station. Here is where the Via Appia ended, here is where one embarked for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, here was the place for autonomous trading, arrivals and departures, a natural outflow of all the communications with the East.

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