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Silvia Casavola

Silvia Casavola and Marco Chiurazzi are the founders of Capitani Coraggiosi, a company in Otranto that has been organizing sailing charter services for many years.
They are expert sailors, great lovers of the sea, and courageous people who have chosen a unique lifestyle with the sea as their daily ‘office’ companion. Theirs is not just a job, but a lifestyle that they would like to share with you: the unique experience that is sailing. It gives one time to think, time to relax, time to discover firsthand what is hidden just beyond the horizon.
They navigate with Red Fox, their vessel for adventure, sure on the waves and comfortable below decks.


Red Fox is a 12 meter Bavaria 390 Caraibic, designed by Axel Mohnhaupt, a German Yacht designer and championship sailor who currently teaches at the University of Berlin. Red Fox has a notable floatage length that favors elevated speeds and high volumes; below decks it is very comfortable and well balanced. It is a boat of great capacity, both inside and out: there is a spacious cockpit with a teak table (that battens down) for dining; the side walkways are wide and free enough to also be used for sunbathing. Below decks is superbly designed, with three large cabins with a double bed and one cabin with bunkbeds; two bathrooms with shower and an electric flush. The dinette has a large fixed table with a couch on one side and a bench opposite, as well as a card table. The kitchen is fully functional and offers ample preparation space. Red Fox is a solid, reliable boat that performs well in any sea conditions. It is ideal for cruises and is extremely safe and comfortable.
The company Capitani Coraggiosi is registered at n° 03910870751 of the Business Registry, kept at the CCIAA (Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craftsmanship and Agriculture) in Lecce.
Marco Chiurazzi is officially registered in the maritime registries and holds the professional title of “Recreational Sailing Guide”.
Silvia Casavola is officially registered in the maritime registries and holds a sailing/nautical license without any limitations. They are both national UISP sailing instructors.

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